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Want to hear from us?


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Want to hear from us?


Last year we tried to share some of our experiences here in Japan with you through MSN Groups.  This worked fine with most of you, but it was a little problematic.  Some of you weren't able to log on to MSN Groups to view the pictures or read the messages.  So, finally this website is getting where I want it to be.  The main page will be updated somewhat regularly, and the old posts will be sent to the archives.  So please check back regularly.

And you can always send us a personal message and get a personalized response. 



For those of you who want to ship us a care package, we like nibs, twizzlers, starbust, skittles, mini-chocolate bars, and ibuprofen... for Eden's pounding headaches :(  Our mailing address is as listed below.  Oh, and we also LOVE getting old-fashioned letters and post cards.


Joshua Wiebe and Eden Siwik
203 Mezon Y
2-2-2 Idenakama
Kumamoto City, Japan 862-0963
熊本市出仲間二丁目二の二メゾンY 203
ジョシュア ウィーブ


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