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While we will try to fit a lot of our photos in the individual sections that they fall under, we will post some photos in this section that really don't fit anywhere.  We will also try to keep this photo page limited to what we think are our better or funnier photos.  I

If you would like any of these photos in high resolution, send us an email.  All of the pictures here have been severely reduced in size to decrease download time.  Fine for the screen, not really fine for prints. 

The Kumamoto prefecture, Yakushima, Bali and Thailand pages also have a lot of photos.


The kanji for "fire" being burnt into hillside at Mnt. Aso. (Can you see both?)

Aso fire festival. Those are bales of hay, lit on fire and swung around.

This is me, giving it a try.

And Eden trying her luck.

Komezuka, at Mt. Aso.

Just the 4 of us.

Temple bell in Tamana.

Pagoda in Tamana.

Through the lantern.


Bamboo shoot harvest

Now that's a big bamboo shoot


Look at me!

I look not all there.

Near Kumamoto castle. A tunnel of torii gates.

Eden through a rather small torii gate.


I met up with Genji in Nagoya. (Genji lived with us for a year, 1996-97, in Canada)

The Joshin Temple! And I'm not Joshin' you... oh, that's bad

Frogs are better in swamps than as purses.

Nakamura house. A typical wealthy farmer's house from feudal Okinawa.

Tatami-ishi. These stones are supposed to resemble a tortoise shell. From Kume-jima, Okinawa.

Like the new tripod?

Lovely Kume-jima, lovely Eden.

Fire cisterns! Seems like more hastle than a hydrant.

Aren't sea turtles protected? You can buy this one for just over $3500 Cdn.

Here's a whole wall of sea turtles... perhaps ENDANGERED sea turtles??

From our wedding... finally got them scanned!

Annapolis Royal, NS.

Wedding day.

First kiss.

Eden at Kumamoto castle park.

and.. together.

and.. me

and... eeden

Kumamoto castle

At a mandarin orange harvest in November 2003.

Mmmm... mikan (mee-can)

Dogs can't pee on the high ones.

Doesn't that look good?

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