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Our apartment
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We live in an average size apartment by Japanese standards.  Most apartments are sized not in square meters, but by the number of tatami mats of floor space there is.  A tatami mat is a woven rice mat about 80cm by 160cm.  Our bedroom and living room are each six tatami mats in size.  Our kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and shower are about another twelve tatami mats in size.  Altogether our apartment is about 30 square meters, or about 325 square feet.  It's small, but we've managed to cope.  The hardest part really is keeping the place clean.  It so easy to clutter the place up.  If you want to visit, don't feel shy, we've been able find space for four other people to spend the night.

Above: Sunset from our apartment balcony.

Our apartment building.



The neighborhood.




View from the balcony.

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