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Welcome to Eden and Josh in Japan!

Life in Japan is well... interesting.  We hope that you'll enjoy looking around, and seeing what our life here in Japan is like. 

The photo to the left is of us at a park beside Kumamoto Castle in late November, 2003.

Over the past year, this website has been a good way for Eden and I to share our pictures and stories about Japan with you.  Unfortunately, with the amount of pictures we have here, and the time involved for updating this webpage, I've decided to post new messages and pictures to Blogger.  We will continue to keep this site functional with information about our life here in Japan but new picture albums will be uploaded to DotPhoto where you will even have the option to order prints.  So please, check out the new Eden and Josh in Japan blog.

Not so new photos (for new photos click here)  

Very Important Moss. (Like V.I.P.)

Eden, Katherine, Janet.

Chris, and I.

Eden and Janet.

Chris and Katherine.

Chris and Katherine playing a Taiko drum game.

The friendly deer in Nara.

Can you imagine that someone would waste that much money doing this to a van?

Uno House

The famed, (Gold) Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto.


Aso-Kuju National Park.

It was awfully wet, and cold at the top.

The plane from Saipan to Tinian.

Jeff in the back of the truck.

We went fishing one day in Tinian.


At our hotel restaurant in Saipan.

These are called "Flaming Trees" in English.

Boat ride to this small island near Saipan.

View from our hotel room.




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