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Kumamoto prefecture


Kumamoto prefecture
Central Japan


Kumamoto prefecture is a lovely place to live or visit.  Situated in the middle of Kyushu, we've been able to explore other parts of the island quite easily, as well as our home prefecture.  If you'd like to find out more about Kumamoto, please go to our Links page, and follow the link to "Kumamoto Links" a site maintained by a professor at Kumamoto University.

For those of you who have no idea where Kumamoto is, this map should explain things quite clearly.  Kumamoto is in Kyushu, the southern-most of the four main islands, and is right in the middle of it.  It is about an hour by train from Fukuoka, a city of a few million with an international airport.  Osaka and Tokyo are pretty short plane rides away, but for the most part, we stay put down here.





This map of Kyushu is fairly detailed, however, it fails to to mark Kumamoto city.  Kumamoto city is directly west of Mount Aso about 10 km inland from the sea.  Click on this map for a larger image.




Persimmon tree in the fall.

Stone bridges of Kumamoto.

The stones are well cut and excellently fitted.

Terraced rice field prior to planting.

Waterfalls in Yabe, Kumamoto prefecture.

Komezuka in January. It's supposed to resemble a pile of rice.

Mt. Aso in January.

Carole, Yvan, Eden and Josh

Near Honmyoji Temple at the top of Kumamoto City.

Tamana, just north of Kumamoto city.


Near Tamana with Carole and Yvan

World's largest temple bell.

5-story pagoda

stone lantern

Notice the coins placed inside the inscription?


eden through a lantern

Mt. Aso


Our snowman

Aso National Park

Yvan and I in a Japanese hotspring.


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