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We spent December 23, 24 and 25 of 2002 in Singapore.  It's really a neat city, very western, and everything's in English!  It was so nice after being in Japan for five months.  The city is nearly on the equator so it was around thirty degrees Celsius almost all of the time.  One of the best things we did in Singapore was visit the bird park they have.  It's a bird sanctuary with hundreds of different varieties, and many of the birds are free to come and go as they please.  From what I understood, all of the new birds that came in, many for rehabilitation purposes, were kept in cages until they get accustomed to the food and environment.  After a few weeks or a month there, after they get used to things, they are let out into the rest of the park.  But there is no roof or net to keep the birds in.  So many of the birds come and go during the day, using the park as a place to eat, cool down in the water or shade, and sleep.

Singapore also has a really colourful Chinatown, and little India.  However, it seems that the only thing to really do in Singapore is to shop.  In the downtown area it is block after block of malls, but not the suburban malls that we are used to.  Most of the malls tend to be specialty malls, this mall sells only electronics, this one only computers, that one sells women's shoes... they can be quite specialized.  But the malls we went to weren't the boring malls that we're used to either, they were more like shopping districts that were covered with a roof and walls and air-conditioned.

For Christmas day breakfast, Eden's sister's friend brought us out for a Singaporean breakfast.  The food was fine, but given that it was Christmas morning, it wasn't the traditional Canadian meal that we wanted.  Also, Eden didn't quite like the look of her giant prawn's beady eyes staring back at her while she ate the curry around him.

Christmas night we boarded the overnight sleeper train and headed off for  Taman Nagara National Park in central Malaysia.  The jungle.


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