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Eden at a rather large ceder tree. 32 m tall.

Yakushika. Yakushima deer. Small, and friendly.

Coming into Miyanoura port in Yakushima.

View of Miyanoura town from high up in the mountains.

Shiratani gorge.

Big cedar tree.

Haha... do they really have to tell you.

Wilson's stump.


The crew up at Wilson's stump. Look at all the people!

Spider's web with morning dew.

Another large cedar.

The Jumonsugi. The oldest tree in the world.

View of the beach we camped near on Yakushima. Morning sunrise.


One of the narrow pathways along the summit trail.

Big stone.

More big stones... what are they doing up here at 1700 meters?

Somebody carried this all the way up here!

Yakushima National Park.

View from the top of the mountain. A big gust came in and cleared out the mist just for a minute or so.

Hiking down the south side of the mountain.

Interesting stone.


Long beach (Nagahama) in Tanegashima.

Crazy ride.

Sea shoes.


ah, wait..

Beach at the southernmost point of Tanegashima.

Eden at the space center.

Lift off...

Another beach. Below are sea caves with narrow passage ways between them. Really cool.

Eden from up on the caves above the beach.

View from our tent. Tanegashima.