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Komezuka, at Mt. Aso.

Just the 4 of us.

Temple bell in Tamana.

Pagoda in Tamana.

Through the lantern.


Bamboo shoot harvest

Now that's a big bamboo shoot


Look at me!

I look not all there.

Near Kumamoto castle. A tunnel of torii gates.

Eden through a rather small torii gate.


I met up with Genji in Nagoya. (Genji lived with us for a year, 1996-97, in Canada)

The Joshin Temple! And I'm not Joshin' you... oh, that's bad

Frogs are better in swamps than as purses.

Nakamura house. A typical wealthy farmer's house from feudal Okinawa.

Tatami-ishi. These stones are supposed to resemble a tortoise shell. From Kume-jima, Okinawa.

Like the new tripod?

Lovely Kume-jima, lovely Eden.

Fire cisterns! Seems like more hastle than a hydrant.

Aren't sea turtles protected? You can buy this one for just over $3500 Cdn.

Here's a whole wall of sea turtles... perhaps ENDANGERED sea turtles??

From our wedding... finally got them scanned!

Annapolis Royal, NS.

Wedding day.

First kiss.