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Conditional monkey love.

Yeah, bring me that coffee now!

This looks like something a crazy person would scrawl on a wall.

Shakespeare's original draft of Hamlet's famous speech.

...said the veteran, foreign dogcatcher to his disillusioned younger partner .

This remedial zoology class is moving WAY too fast for me

Remember to make some chicken soup with warming, as well.

Not everything needs to be an acronym.

Start building your child's self-esteem right from the beginning!

It would be groovy if I were high gread, too

Apparently, your hair can either be healthy or normal, but never both.

Who says Japanese folk can't be open about their feelings?

Antisocial canines with no manners.

The Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together!

As opposed to your alcholic, abusive bag, I'm sure.

I'm changing my name to L'uomo Musk (taken from a package of socks)

Too make matters worse, these biscuits are custard-filled.

I'm not just fat, I'm...!

This one, well, speaks for itself.

Viva ra revorucion!

I actually buy this brand just for the Engrish.

This is one of those where I have absolutely no idea what it's attemptingto say.

Those must be some good beans.

Watch out, Nazi Germany!

Now that's the kind of work ethic I really admire!

Wow, you mean it's fuzzy AND inverts?