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Here are some links that you may find useful.

Eden - send Eden an email.

Josh - send Josh an email. - Our online photo album. - If you are logged in and registered for our group, it should be listed on the left-hand side.

Queens University - Without a doubt, the best Canadian university.

JET Programme - Ummm... what we're doing.

JET Programme Canada information - Information for Canadians who want to participate in this teaching/exchange program.

Kumamoto links page - links to everything in and about Kumamoto.

Our 2003-2004 Hockey Pool - Login: "wrpool"  Password: "hockey"   See how team Josh is fairing.  Want to join our 2004 Playoff pool?  There's no money involved, only bragging rights.  Send me an email if you're interested. - A great online collection of mainly Japanese use of English or Engrish.

Kind of - Another JET participant's account of his stay in Japan.  *Note: it can be a little negative and sarcastic, but also contains some funny instances that happen to most foreigners in Japan.